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Amish Sheds in MO

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Storage Sheds by the Amish

We are a small Amish Storage Shed Company with over a decade of experience in sheds and construction.

Rent-to-Own Storage Sheds

We offer Rent-to-Own STORAGE SHEDS, Portable Garages and Animal Shelters through SmartPay.

The Dunnegan Springs Amish Sheds Story

Samuel, the father and founder of Dunnegan Springs Structures in MO hails from the Amish Sheds capital of the world, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. While living in PA, Samuel worked in an Amish Storage Shed company for 9 years. His job at Bell Spring Structures and later Pine Creek Structures building sheds, cutting pieces for the Amish Sheds, assembling rafters, on-site job manager and more. Samuel says of his time in the PA Amish Shed building industry, “I did a bit of everything.”

After his long history of shed building back home, Samuel moved his family of five children to Missouri to an Amish community there. After arriving, he put his work-working skills to use in construction work. In 2017, Samuel along with his son-in-law and two sons started a new venture of shed building in MO. The years of experience in this industry is what gives Samuel and his family a head start in their new Amish Shed business.

Visit their Outdoor Storage Shed manufacturing facility and you might meet some of the family. Get started today by filling out a Free Quote form or visit the shop during normal business hours to see for yourself the quality of the AMISH SHEDS produced by the Fisher family.

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