Animals Shelter and Run-ins For Sale In Missouri 

Animals Shelter for sale in Springfield MO

Portable Animal Shelter

Have you been searching for an animal shelter shed to protect your animals from the harsh weather? You want to protect your animals, but don’t want to break the bank, right?

Here at Dunnegan Springs Structures, the portable animal shelters are economical for keeping your equine and other animals safe from inclement weather. We also offer 30 miles of FREE delivery from our location. Get your FREE Quote including delivery today!

Standard Animal Shelter Features

Your Portable Animal Shelter will be built with the finest materials so it will last a lifetime. Note the 50-year siding warranty and the 30-year shingle warranty.

18"x23" Windows Included

LP Smartsiding

3/4" Tongue & Groove Flooring

Metal or Shingle Roof

More Portable Animal Shelter Features

3′ Single Dutch Door

Porch with railing

Loft above porch

Ladder to loft

Animals Shelter for sale in Springfield MO

Portable Animal Shelter Prices

8x12$3,895 12x12$5,475
8x16$4,479 12x16$6,765
8x20$5,125 12x20$7,795
10x12$4,816 12x24$8,775
10x16$5,675 12x28$10,405
10x20$6,825 12x32$11,375
10x24$8,258 12x36$12,725
10x28$9,175 12x40$14,633

Portable Animal Shelter Ideas

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