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Portable Cottage Cabin

The portable cabins are small but economical cabins that will give you the privacy you need while enjoying time in the mountains. Our customers turn our cabins into small homes or a quaint vacation home away from home.

Choose a portable cabin with your choice of colors, windows and other options. We can customize your portable cabin to your needs. And you’ll get 30 miles of Free Delivery on the cabin of your dreams.

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Standard Portable Cottage Cabin Features

Your Portable Cottage Cabin will be built with the finest materials so it will last a lifetime. Note the 50-year siding warranty and the 30-year shingle warranty.

18"x23" Windows Included

LP Smartsiding

3/4" Tongue & Groove Flooring

Metal or Shingle Roof

More Portable Cottage Cabin Features

One 3′ Single Door with 9 Lite Glass

Three 24in x 27in Insulated Windows

7ft High Walls

Portable Cabins Sold in MO

Portable Cottage Cabin Prices

8x12$4,260 12x36$12,750
8x16$4,925 12x40$14,025
8x20$7,360 14x24$11,160
10x12$5,100 14x28$12,710
10x16$6,235 12x30$13,535
10x20$7,585 14x24$11,610
10x24$8,855 14x32$14,240
10x28$10,045 14x36$15,765
12x16$6,835 14x40$17,290
12x20$7,885 16x28$14,260
12x24$8,875 16x32$15,990
12x28$10,075 16x36$17,725
12x32$11,375 16x40$19,495

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