Cottage Backyard Sheds

Backyard Storage Sheds

Cottage Backyard Sheds

We all know that space can be a problem, but at Dunnegan Springs Structures, we have a solution for you.

The Cottage Backyard Sheds are a great overall storage solution. With a high wall, you can hang garden tools on the sides and have a little extra space up top. The wide door means you should be able to fit most of your garden tools inside easily.

Choose your size and customize a cottage backyard shed to fit your needs. And don’t miss the free 30 miles delivery from our location. Request your Free Quote now to get started.

Standard Cottage Backyard Shed Features

Your cottage backyard shed will be built with the finest materials so it will last a lifetime. Note the 50-year siding warranty and the 30-year shingle warranty.

18"x23" Windows Included

LP Smartsiding

3/4" Tongue & Groove Flooring

Metal or Shingle Roof

More Cottage Shed Features

Two 18 in x 23 in Windows with Shutters

Doors: 6ft: 3′ Single, 8ft: 4′ Double, 10ft: 5′ Double, 12 & 14ft: 6′ Double

8ft and 10ft buildings: 6’5″ Walls, 12ft and 14ft sheds: 7’5″ Walls

16 in on Center Flooring, Roof and Framing

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