Dutch Barn Prefab Garages

Dutch Barn Prefab Garage Shed For Sale in Stockton MO

Dutch Barn Prefab Garage

Are you looking for a Prefab Garage with an old Dutch Barn look to store your valuable stuff and a garage to keep your car clean? The Dutch Barn Garages have room to store your the stuff you don’t use every day (but can’t stand throwing out), plus protect your car from the harsh weather.

The Dutch Barn PREFAB GARAGES come in a variety of styles and can be customized to your needs.

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Standard Dutch Barn Garage Features

Your Dutch Barn Garage will be built with the finest materials so it will last a lifetime. Note the 50-year siding warranty and the 30-year shingle warranty.

18"x23" Windows Included

LP Smartsiding

3/4" Tongue & Groove Flooring

Metal or Shingle Roof

More Dutch Barn Garage Features

One 3ft Single Door

Two 24in x 36in windows w/screens

One 9ft x 7ft Steel Insulated Garage Door

Two Gable Vents

8′ Sidewalls

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Dutch Barn Garage Prices

12x16$7,566 14x32$15,225
12x20$8,918 14x36$16,795
12x24$10,025 14x40$18,295
12x28$11,538 16x24$13,535
12x32$12,385 16x28$15,245
12x36$13,685 16x32$16,985
12x40$14,975 16x36$18,765
14x24$12,225 16x40$20,495

Dutch Barn Prefab Garage Ideas

Dutch Barns Prefab Garage in Springfield MO
Dutch Barn Prefab Garages For Sale Now
Dutch Barn Prefab Garage Shed For Sale in Stockton MO

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