Portable Cottage Garage

Portable Cottage Garage Near ME

Portable Cottage Garage

Have you been searching for a portable garage for that man cave you’ve been dreaming of? Or is your backyard littered with garden tools and the house loaded with more than it can handle?

You can finally rest! The Cottage One Car Garages offer you a very affordable and roomy solution for the man cave, room for garden tools and much more.

Buy this One Car Garage built in Missouri in many sizes and add the customization you need to make it truly your own. Get A FREE QUOTE now!

Standard Portable Cottage Garage Features

Your Portable Cottage Garages will be built with the finest materials so it will last a lifetime. Note the 50-year siding warranty and the 30-year shingle warranty.

18"x23" Windows Included

LP Smartsiding

3/4" Tongue & Groove Flooring

Metal or Shingle Roof

More Portable Cottage Garage Features

One 3ft Single Door

Two 24in x 36in windows w/screens

One 9ft x 7ft Steel Insulated Garage Door

Two Gable Vents

8′ Sidewalls

Portable Cottage Garage Near ME

Portable Cottage Garage Prices

12x16$7,275 14x32$14,925
12x20$8,575 14x36$16,495
12x24$9,640 14x40$17,995
12x28$11,095 16x24$13,235
12x32$12,085 16x28$14,945
12x36$13,385 16x32$16,685
12x40$14,675 16x36$18,465
14x24$11,925 16x40$20,195

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